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paperthin_wings's Journal

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A sanctuary for all artists.
Photography, traditional and modern art, poems, short stories, and wonderings are all welcome.

This community is moderated by _midnighttears and hentai_ryou.
Introduce yourself when making your first post; we'd love to get to know all of you. :]

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Of course, there are also a few rules we strongly suggest you follow to keep this community on topic and peaceful.

1. Respect your mods.
If you break this rule you are out for good.
2. No trouble makers.
Unless the mods decide we like you enough. ;]
3. Constructive criticism only.
4. Take your criticism; don't get angry and start something.
5. Nothing X rated.
TASTEFUL nudity is fine, but no porn, please.
6. Have fun! Don't take things so seriously.
7. You can advertise for other communities only if you put it behind an LJcut, and preferably have something else with the promo [as in your your art].
If you don't know how to use an LJ-cut, then read this >> [http://www.livejournal.com/support/faqbrowse.bml?faqid=75]

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If you'd like to advertise, or know someone who you think would like to join, you can use this:

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

<*img src="*http://img.photobucket.com/albums/0903/shi_no_kisu/DO%20NOT%20USE%20THESE/paperthin_promo.jpg*" alt="*Image hosted by Photobucket.com*">
[take out the 5 stars]

Occasionally, a mod may post a theme or challenge. Basically it's to get you inspired if you're having a creative block, so you can interpret the line or word we give you in any way you want. There's no obligation to participate in the theme, it's just to keep creativity flowing. :)

Any questions, suggestions, complaints, comments in general, or pictures of hott boys kissing can be sent to the mods. ...Actually those pictures should probably only be sent to hentai_ryou. <3