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Movie Moments.

By Kasey Gregorashuk

May 23rd, 2005 1:28am


Comfortable silences, deep thoughts,

these are the moments they live for.

Intense lyrics and passionate kisses,

the small things make their spirits soar.


Late nights under the stars above;

cafe conversations over mocha,

long discussions and sideways looks-

these couples are far from vanilla.


Characters out of story books,

weave visions to fill their dreams.

Instances,moments, and stills

are the roots of their screams.


Running faster through the streets

these fairy tale couples are holdind hands.

Watch them twirl and laugh and dance,

spin and fall to their invisible bands.


These are the moments they live for.

Those free and magical seconds

that call those naive couples forth.

It's the fantasy that beckons.

more or less an introduction of me

I haven't really posted anything since I became a member so, here's some of my 'art'  It's not the greatest and it's old, because I don't have any new stuff scanned yet. My father brillianty managed to break the scanner XDD

Anyway, here's one I drew when I was 14/15(? I can't remember XD )


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