ailea (ailea) wrote in paperthin_wings,


What should I say?
To him; to her,
What would they think?
How did I let this occur?

My dreams control me,
My every thought.
In this simple web,
I've found myself caught.

Maybe I just want
What I really cannot have.
Maybe I'm just a child;
A secretly spoiled brat.

I whisper not a word,
Of my silent empathy,
Whilist they fight,
Over their supposed property.

Can I even relate?
I know I can imagine,
To be in his place;
The sweetest sin.

To see her hurt,
Would tear him apart,
But he has no idea,
What it would do on my part.

But I silence my thoughts,
Because another comes first,
My best friend's desire,
For whom she does thirst.

But what of self-sacrifice?
Maybe it was just a lie;
A cover-up act,
As not to say goodbye.

I couldn't bear the thought,
Of betraying them like that,
So I keep it to myself,
And watch the two attract.

Sickness in a nutshell,
It just won't go away.
I really should sleep,
But awake I shall stay.

Let my sisters rest;
They will need their sleep,
So I can spill my feelings,
When Dorrin and I meet...

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