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looking back at those times,
when i faultered in their stares,
has it even changed?
to question, do i dare?

15 more minutes,
just one last breath,
please give me a moment,
just a small rest.

a break from this highway.
darkened by the sky,
i stare into the lonely stars,
and can do nothing but sigh.

ripped away,
maybe i did not like it,
but i'll miss that place,
i just can't explain it.

return to a new;
let me gather my barings,
sepia everlasting,
a sweet voice does sing.

old rustic settings,
i can remember once more...
he's waiting; i know it,
just beyond this door...

i feel the tears as i see,
tortured 'til death,
no way he could flee.

anger consumes me,
i'll whisk him away,
how could they do this?
i'll make sure they pay.

gone but not,
a knife in my hand,
i'm coming to get them,
and they'll run if they can.

the chase begins,
cat and mice,
this blood everywhere,
seems so nice.

once again,
but i laugh, not cry,
and so my revenge began.

i'll give them the pain,
they gave out so easily once.
karma controls me.
what have i done?

i'll tell you what i've done,
i've become what i must,
avenger of my dear lover,
my actions were just.

sepia everlasting,
a doll of the living,
chained to a wall,
yet always so giving.

she tells me her dreams,
just to see her best friend,
but i know i can't help her,
so i visit now and again.

a racetack of color,
but sepia still stays,
he had returned,
and swept me away.

dancing and dancing,
into the night,
the blood on my hands,
gave him no fright.

it changes to snow,
but this snow is not cold,
potions of edan,
never get old.

the turn of forever,
i hear in my mind,
our beloveds are here,
or something of the kind.

searching in hope,
but sepia turns white.
embracing the change,
with glitter in sight.

stains wash away,
everything begins again.
a code i don't understand,
lingers for the insane.

to the past!
we travel the sea,
insecure of the crowds,
they're gazing at me.

a ship of forever,
modern titanic,
will i sink and be gone?
will i cry in my panic?

such tales of the old,
everything is fine,
until they abandon me;
now these tears are mine.

calling for help,
the phone line is dead,
but i hear a faint voice,
i don't know what was said.

changing again,
a whore house to love,
sounds so wrong to the innocent,
innocent like a dove?

familiar faces,
figure's personalties,
i cannot seem to place,
these distant memories.

i could go one forever,
to tell you these things,
but i'll stop for you here,
you must tire of me.

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