May 4th, 2005

  • ailea

soon the come

this was inspired by the witch hunts and inquisition.

Soon they come,
Come, they do,
Walking, running,
Chasing after you.

Hurry, quick,
You must get away,
Don't let them catch you,
They will if you stay.

Soon they come,
Gallows awaiting,
Escape while there's time,
Or soon you'll be hanging.

They hate and dispise you,
For following your heart,
They'll drown you, burn you,
But that's just the start.

Soon they come,
Guns all a-ready,
Marching this way,
Keeping them steady.

Quickly, quickly,
Through the back door,
Into the forest,
Run 'till you're sore.

Soon they come,
The witch hunt's begun,
The accused will be dead,
By the rising of dawn.
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    'what comes around' - ill nino