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The smell of coffee
Reminds me of the
Taste of your lips
My back against the brick wall
Your scarf touching my cheek
And I love that brown coat
You always wear on our walks
Hand in hand we run
Through the park, I’m
Trying not to lose my hat
And you look so cute with
Your cheeks tinged pink
From the chill of the wind
We collapse on the couch
The fire light flickering
Across your face
And I realize that
I love you
The way you pick me up
Like I’m lighter than a feather
Twirl me around until I can’t
See straight
Laughing until I can’t breathe anymore
Kiss me one more time
Under the rain drenched sky
I love the way you look into my eyes
Like I’m the only one alive
Valentine’s day surprises
Snowball fights in winter
And those long sweet days of summer
Playing in the waves until
We’re drenched from head to toe
I can’t help but love you
Christmas cookies and
Wrapping presents under the tree
Sticking bows on each other
You look so cute with the red one
In your hair
The snowflakes on you lashes
Sends shivers down my spine
Your lips against mine keep me warm
And remind me of that first coffee
That first kiss
And all the love I feel
Through the years it’s everlasting
Memories that never fade
A love that grows each day
Our little coffee shop love, my dear


The music box winds down
Its slow, sad tune
And spirits drift about the room
As if time had not passed at all
And a little girl wanders the halls
In search of the forlorn tune
Her bare footsteps masked by the dust
Of hundreds of years of neglect
The walls are crumbling
And the mirrors are all cracked
But the music continues to play
Drawing in the strongest of mind
Dance the years away and
Become young and beautiful once more
Go back to a time when all the women
Shone with radiance of ignorance
The men are strong and proud
Tomorrow won’t bring them down
Spend the day drinking away
And you won’t be worse for the wear
And why should they care?
Their tomorrow never came
Wasted away in the music box
And there will always be just one last song


The black rose blooms where before
Only weeds dared to tread
And the rain seems happy with the change
The pain of the sky reflected in
The light of the blood drops
That line the petals of the rose
After a long night’s sleep under the moon
Where she wraps her child in a blanket of dew
To hide him from the light of the morning
A chance encounter with the wind
Brings the rose crashing into itself
Until darkness comes to nurse it back to health
And the rain coats it with liquid sorrow
To mask it from the deadness of the dawn

.:.:.:. .:.:.:. .:.:.:. .:.:.:. .:.:.:.

comment and critisize please!
i love to hear what others think :)

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