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I told you there'd be more to come!

I wrote this one for English... handed it in as a final creative writing project.


She's creating herself an army;

Guardians of her heart.

To save her from the world,

From the pain and the heartache.


She's hiding within herself;

Sins to conceal her truth.

Scars from silent wounds.

Vaporous inner beauty.


She's letting you in.

She's opening up.

Careful not to inflict pain.

Careful not to induce tears.

She's repenting the sins.

She's calling off the army.


She's creating herself an army;

Guardians of what she's found,

Outside herself,in the world.

Her dear sentinels of love.


She's hiding in your embrace;

Safely covered in your care.

Silent wounds healed with kisses.

You are her Guardian.


I found this one in my journal for english... It was for a listening response thing... We had to listen to this instrumental piece of music and write as we listened.. and me being me... wrote a poem.


Dance with me.

Laugh with me.

Take my hand.

Take my heart.

Hold me tight as we spin.

Showing the world with our smiles,

We are in love.

In this moment we are happy.

We are young and full of passion.

Let us run, let us jump...

Let us fall.

Fall in love.

Fall to the ground.

I will pick you up,

Lift your spirits,

Give you wings.


But is this real?

Is this just a memory,

An illusion of what was?

Or a hope for what could be?

Was it simply a dream?

A calm, serene state of mind.

A sunny, warm glow from within.


We are in love.

We were in love.

We are love.


The following piece of crap was written in writer's craft from a word association exercise we had to do.


Blood from violence

leads to my pain.

Physical pain into sorrow.

Covered in black,

surrounded by darkness,

contemplating my sins.

Relating to religion;

the Bible to me, pure fiction.

Tell me a story,

from the imagination.

Tales unique in words.

Words so original,

by original I mean obsurd.

You make me laugh.

Laughter can not hide my tears.

Look past the tears, into my eyes...

Do you see the depth in them?

The pain?

The sorrow?

The reason for the blood?





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